5 Tips for Business Owners Needing to Update Their Home Workspace

Operating a business out of your home can come with some perks. At some point though, you may find that your home workspace isn’t really working for you anymore. It’s a common issue for small business owners but it’s also one that can have multiple solutions. 

You could solve your problem by finding a new home, but you can also work on improving your current home office. To learn more about these and one additional option, you can read through these top tips and home office hacks. 

Your Best Bet: Buy a New Home 

Now you may be thinking that buying a home should be your last option. But really, investing in a home that really works for your business needs can unlock so much hidden potential! Not to mention that interest rates remain at record lows right now, so there’s never been a better time to consider becoming a homeowner! 

Before you decide to take this big and exciting step, do some digging into your local real estate market. You’ll want to pay attention to basics like prices and average time on the market, but also see if there are homes available with the storage and home office features you need. 

Keep in mind that if you’re moving out of state, business rules and regulations will vary. For example, if you need to register your business as an LLC in a new state, you’ll need to check up on the filing requirements. You can do this work on your own or hire an attorney, but using business formation services is typically the most cost-effective way to create an LLC. 

Be Sure to Hire the Right Realtor 

Once you’ve done some preliminary research, you can connect with a local realtor. Make sure you choose an agent you can rely on and trust. Then you can leave the hard work to them and keep your focus on helping your small business thrive. 

When you sit down with your agent to discuss your dream home, be sure to mention those features you already looked for online. For instance, if you need some dedicated workspace for your business, finding a home with a bonus room or even an in-law addition can help. 

But You Can Also Budget for Renovations 

If you’re happy with your current home but just need a little more space, remodeling is your next best choice. In terms of your budget, you can expect to pay around $3,500 to add an average-sized home office space. Of course, costs can vary depending on your specific home workspace needs and how many renovations are needed for your current house. 

When planning your project, there are also some essential steps and pointers you will need to keep in mind. In addition to budget, you will also need to think about the layout, workflow, and other details. This is why you may want to work with engineers, architects, and other pros.

Don’t Overlook Your Backyard’s Potential 

No room inside of your home? You could always get creative by adding a home office in a shed out in your backyard. Since being able to enjoy your outdoor spaces is also important, you’ll want to ensure you will still have space for design basics like lighting and furniture. 

But if you have a small corner to spare, you can either have a shed built or buy a portable one, and then you can easily convert this tiny building into your dream home workspace. Add some seating and touches of comfort, and you can also use this space as a relaxation oasis. 

Finally, Consider Reworking Your Office 

Already have an office but can’t seem to stay focused? If so, the issue could be the setup and design of your workspace, as opposed to the size of it. Maybe you need to move your office into a room with more natural lighting for an energy boost? 

Incorporating decor and style that speaks to you is important for your energy and productivity. After all, if you love the look and feel of your home office you are more likely to want to spend time there. So don’t overlook small details, like colors, artwork, stylish organization, and inspirational decor from Modern Wall Art

Your home needs to pull double-duty when you’re living and working out of it. You can buy, remodel or simply rearrange But you should make sure that you have the home office or workspace needed to help your small business thrive. 

Need the perfect piece to enhance your home or home office? Schedule a complimentary consultation with Modern Wall Art today! 

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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