Modern Islamic Wall Art & Ideas for Every Muslim Home

Your home decor should reflect you. It is your home and it should reflect your personality, your beliefs, and your unique Muslim identity. Islam is a way of life, so are there any rules to consider when creating a Muslim home? Answer yes. Some basic Islamic decorating rules Muslims or Muslim home decor designers should follow. These rules are guidelines to help you create a peaceful, happy, protected space with messages from Allah SWT.

Islamic Wall Art

Islamic wall art includes visual art created since the 7th century by Muslims and non-Muslims who live in territories inhabited or dominated by cultural, Islamic population.

Instead, Islamic art spans several creative fields such as architecture, calligraphy, painting, glass, ceramics, and textiles, among others. Islamic art is not always limited to non-secular art, but instead includes all works of art from the rich and diverse cultures of Muslim societies. It regularly consists of secular factors and factors which are forbidden via way of means of a few Islamic theologians.

Calligraphy and the manuscript of the Quran are vital elements of Islamic wall décor because the phrase takes on non-secular and creative significance. Islamic architecture, including mosques and palatial gardens of paradise, also are embedded with non-secular significance.

Decorating Home With Modern Islamic Art & Décor

Islamic art has always preserved its particular intrinsic identity. Simply because the faith of Islam embodies a way of being and acts as a cohesive force between ethnically and culturally different peoples, the artwork is produced for and for Muslim societies have the basic characteristics of determination and unity.

Have A Designated Prayer Area

Five prayers a day is a critical part of the Islamic lifestyle. Creating a space/region for quiet and non-violent prayer is important in Muslim families. When decorating the area, qibla should be considered. To prepare space, you should add a prayer rug, shawl, or basket for prayer clothes. For convenience, install an ornamental shelf to the wall for the Holy Quran and different Islamic books. Add some beautiful Islamic wall arts, like Ayat-Ul-Kursi and four Quls. If you need to feature a few sparkles to the prayer space, add some beautiful minimalist masjid string lighting decorated with Islamic geometric patterns.

Islamic Geometric Pattern

In a Muslim home, privacy is paramount, so choose a window that lets in light and provides privacy. Shades decorated with Islamic geometric patterns will add an Islamic atmosphere to the design of the room.

Use Islam Wall Décor In Everywhere

Just because you can't post pictures of living beings doesn't mean that Islamic home decor should be boring. Whether it's a bedroom, living room, or office, there are many options to decorate the walls of your Muslim home with modern Islamic canvas painting.  Hang up Islamic wall art with Arabic calligraphy, geometric patterns, Islamic architecture, Holy Quran’ verses like Ayatul Kursi or 4 Quls, inspirational typography or landscape, modern wall art, and more.

Put Salam Décor Piece In Entrance

Salam is a unique Islamic greeting. Adding the Salam symbol is a great way to reflect your beliefs about home decor. This is a good reminder to say Salam when entering the house and have a conversation when welcoming guests.

Figurative Objects

The only rule to consider when designing an Islamic home is to not include any figurative objects in the design plan. This means there should not human or animal artworks, and no stand-alone statues or stuffed animals on furniture or accessories. Instead, choose to decorate it with abstract art, landscape scenes, or Islamic wall art & calligraphy art.

Surround Your Home With Islamic Reminders

Reminders are very helpful for believers, so decorate around your home with Modern Islamic Art items that constantly remind you of the blessings of Allah and His Majesty. For instance, place a stack of Dua cards on the table and choose props with dhikr phrases like Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, and Allahu Akbar to keep your tongue moist every time you look at it.

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