Eid Holiday and Ramadan Decor By Modern Wall

When I was Christian, the most memorable thing about the Christian holidays was decorating for them. It was always a beautiful Tradition to go and get a Christmas tree. We would go to the woods and pick the biggest tree we could find. (We have high sealings in my childhood home.) Then we would get home and decorate the tree, then the rest of my home. The great thing with modern wall art is that they bring that tradition back alive to me. It is a tradition that I have been missing since I have started practicing Islam. There are a few places where you can now go to buy Eid or Ramadan inspired decorations but there is nothing like the unique pieces designed by Modern Wall Art. Here are some pieces that you can buy from them to decorate your home and get festive for Ramadan and the Eid holidays. I will not share all of their items in this article, however. So, you can search all of their eid decor by clicking this link. Below is a photograph of their crescent moon. You can pre-order anywhere from 3- 5 ft in size. The cost varies from $229.00 – $299.00. It is made of wood. 
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