Modern Wall Art

Stainless steel and wood Double Sided Haza Min Fadli Pillar art


Item Name = Haza min Fadli Pillar art

Material = Stainless Steel or Wood

Color = you can select color from drop down menu.

Size = 6ft , 7ft , 8ft (Call or text for custom Size)

Descriptions = The Pillar art has the saying "هَٰذَا مِن فَضْلِ رَبِّي"‎ which means "This is by the Grace of my Lord." It can be made in stainless steel or wood and can be customized to any size as you desire from the drop down menu to fit your home décor needs. The pillar art is double sided, so it can be used as a divider between two rooms or you can decorate your living room with this elegant touch of pillar. The dry wall needs to be build around this pillar, the price we offer is only for the pillar art, and it does not include the dry wall.
For Customization or further queries please call or text on 224-522-3297

comes in singles not set

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