Sabr Crescent Moon 18K Gold plated

$29.99 $44.99

Sabr Crescent Moon 18 K Gold Platted ” Surely Allah is with one who is patient “ Adjustable hook: Yes Our Sabr Crescent Moon 18 K Gold Platted  Necklace features a unique twist on this beautiful accessory. Meant to bring something meaningful to your wardrobe, this Arabic calligraphy earring brings the reminder to be patient  to your wardrobe. Coated in real 18-Karat gold, this piece does not sacrifice quality for style. Also available in rose gold and silver. This Jewelry is very fine built with no sharp edges.Please Note: We have our own packaging which comes with a necklace card and a velvet pouch. Available in Silver, Gold ,Rose Gold and Black     Please feel free to contact us if you have questions.  

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