Top 50 Coolest South Asians Of 2018

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Why Is He Cool: Modern Wall Art manufactures and sells stainless steel wall art in the form of Arabic calligraphy. They are the first and only Arabic Art Gallery based in North America. Everything Rahman and his team do is handmade and thus, more pliable to customization than what is usually offered. Giving back is very important to him and he regularly collects money for humanitarian aid, and, in recent months, has been doing more outreach in the community and getting more involved in various community events through social media.

What’s Next: The last decade saw Rahman convert his hobby into a full-time profession and he promises to make his presence bigger in the coming year. His gallery will be open to artists who have unique work to offer. He also wants to step up his humanitarian efforts to help those in need.

Cool Fun Fact: Modern Wall Art is rated #1 on Google for most Arabic designs made.


Original Source DissDash

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