Syed Rahman Of Modern Wall Art Supports #BlackLivesMatter With Unity T-shirts

Showing once again that the South Asian community is firmly standing behind the Black community in the fight for justice, Syed Rahman, the founder of Modern Wall Art, has dedicated his art to support the movement. With 100% of profits going to charity, Rahman wrote about the Unity t-shirts on his Instagram, “We started this campaign last night on my Instagram story and within few hours we sold 100s of t-shirts. The shirt reads ‎الوحدة ( unity) in Arabic and 100% of profits are going towards charity to help the African American community. The shirt ALSO comes in Full Sleeves  and are UNISEX . I was working on launching my clothing line in upcoming months and never thought that my 1st Shirt ever made would be serving a good cause Alhamdulliah . Let’s do this fam. These shirts are PRE ORDER as All this happened very quickly. I am posting the link to purchase in my bio. Just like every time I am hoping this campaign will also be a huge success #blacklivesmatter#blackouttuesday

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