Original Islamic Art and Calligraphy: “He to Whom God Not Giveth Light, He Has No Light”


This Islamic Art piece is one of the works we were allowed to reproduce from the collection of retired master calligrapher Farid Durrani. The Arabic calligraphy is of verse 40 from Surat al-Nur (Qur’an 24:40), which reads in full: “Or [the disbeliever’s state] is like the depths of darkness in a vast deep ocean, overwhelmed with wave topped by wave, over which are [dark] clouds: the depths of darkness, one above the other. If a man stretches out his hand, he can hardly see it. He to whom God not giveth light: he has no light!” From the verse, it is the last part of the divine speech, “He to whom God not giveth light: he has no light!” which is drawn in an oval ornamental piece that is dark blue, reminescent of the dark waves of the ocean alluded to in the verse. However, coming out of the dark blue waves that blind the man in the Qur’anic parable, it is God’s words that stand in stark contrast, painted golden in color and representing the light that is hidden from those who do not have faith. Outside of this center ornamental design, you find a light blue background on this Islamic art piece featuring some of the divine names of God.

We work with struggling artists around the world to help bring their beautiful works of Islamic creativity to the larger public. As a part of this effort, a percentage of the sale price of this item will go to support the artist behind this design, Farid Durrani.

All of our canvas prints are hand-stretched and produced on 100% cotton with eco-friendly inks. They feature a 1.5in gallery wrapped side border for a bold finish. This design is available in Small (12″x16″), Medium (18″x24″), Large (24″x32″) and Extra Large (30″x40″).


*Note that after placing your order, it takes us about 2-3 weeks to ship out your art piece*

UAE customers: we can only offer this canvas to you in a rolled form because the shipping charge to the UAE is prohibitively expensive. You will need to have it stretched locally. Contact us before placing your order for more information. We may be able to send it stretched as well in certain circumstances.