Original Islamic Art and Calligraphy: “God Will Raise Those Who Believe “


We are extremely honored to be able to reproduce the original artwork of the highly acclaimed Islamic art master Farid Durrani. In this beautiful Islamic Art piece, we are presented with a vibrant pallette of colors making up the inner ornamental design work. The Qur’anic verse written in beautiful Arabic calligraphy on the canvas art piece is verse 11 from Surat al-Mujadila (Qur’an: 58:11): “…God will raise those who have believed among you and those who were given knowledge, by degrees. And God is All-Knowing of what you do.” The part of the verse featured in the central circle of the Islamic art piece is “those who were given knowledge, by degrees.” The putting together of the three alif-letters in this phrase, along with the writing of the letters in “degrees” (darajat) upwards in levels, the latter reflective of the ‘raised degrees’ found in the meaning of the verse, point to the artist’s ingenuity in this piece. 

We work with struggling artists around the world to help bring their beautiful works of Islamic creativity to the larger public. As a part of this effort, a percentage of the sale price of this item will go to support the artist behind this design, Farid Durrani.

All of our canvas prints are hand-stretched and produced on 100% cotton with eco-friendly inks. They feature a 1.5in gallery wrapped side border for a bold finish. This design is available in Small (12″x18″), Medium (16″x24″), and Large (24″x36″).


*Note that after placing your order, it takes us about 2-3 weeks to ship out your art piece*

UAE customers: we can only offer this canvas to you in a rolled form because the shipping charge to the UAE is prohibitively expensive. You will need to have it stretched locally. Contact us before placing your order for more information. We may be able to send it stretched as well in certain circumstances.