Peace | Salam // سلام


Inspired by minimalism, fashion, and the beautiful Arabic language, we present to you The Calligraphy Collection. We’ve gone the extra mile with this collection by partnering up with a Caligraphy Master in Syria who has hand drawn every design to perfection. These designs have one purpose – to be your most meaningful accessory.

Featuring our Peace | Salam // سلام Necklace. A constant reminder to have peace in your heart. Don’t hold grudges, forgive and forget, and show the world what a wonderful person you are.


Fulfillment: Shipped within 24 hours of order date.
Material: 18 Karat Gold Plated Stainless Steel. Rust-free & Shower-proof Guarantee.
Packaging: NOMINAL Gift Box.
Adjustable lengths. 14-18 Inches.