$79.00 USD

Segment: Unisex

Fragrant Oil:

SAHAR AL HOB-Floral Oriental |

SAHAR AL LAYL-Floral Oriental |

SAHAR AL SHARQ-Oriental Floral |

NASSMAT WARD-Floral Green |


Top Note:SAHAR AL HOB- Bergamot, Sage, Mandarin |

SAHAR AL LAYL- Blackcurrant, Mandarin |

SAHAR AL SHARQ- Bergamot, Pepper, Saffron |

NASSMAT WARD- Bergamot, Tea

Heart Note:

SAHAR AL HOB- Rose, Osmanthus, Lily of the Valley |

SAHAR AL LAYL- Rose, White Flowers |

SAHAR AL SHARQ- Rose, Cypress |

NASSMAT WARD- Rose, Violet

Base Note:

SAHAR AL HOB- Musk, Patchouli, Plum |

SAHAR AL LAYL- Cedar Wood, Benzoin, Musk, Vanilla |

SAHAR AL SHARQ- Amber, Olibanum, Vetiver |

NASSMAT WARD- Sandalwood, Musk


ROSE COLLECTION is presented in a charming of 4 miniature’s bottles with 10ml fragrantly aromatic attar namely, SAHAR AL HOB which presents the fragrance of floral oriental that is refreshing, sweet, mild but complex and deep at the same time. SAHAR AL LAYL, also with the fragrance of floral oriental with notable notes of a delightfully pure rose and white flowers. SAHAR AL SHARQ is sultry and fresh to the scent, modernizing the traditional use of vetiver with something a little woody extra. NASSMAT WARD the final piece of the collection presents the fragrance of floral green a sophisticated and elevated scent of bergamot, tea with romantic notes of rose and violet while light and musky woods provide some grounding.

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