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New Shukran moon tray with tong

$79.50 $159

Item: New Shukran tray with tong 

Material : wood/stainless steel color.

Ship Time: 2-3weeks processing time


Dimension: 15x15

These beautiful handmade Shukran trays are designed to serve dates in Ramadan, but can be used throughout the year. The tray says "أشكر ربي على هذه النعمة" which means "I thank my Lord for this blessing" and the tong says "love" in Arabic.

This can be used to serve sweets, dates, chocolates, macarons and cookies.

We ship worldwide! Wood trays are not washable. They have to be cleaned with damp cloth. If you have any question, please feel free to call/text/WhatsApp 224-522-3297 or email

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