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Pleated Chiffon Scarf


Pleated Chiffon Scarf can take the shape of whatever you need it to be. This scarf can be wear in many ways, a beautiful and versatile accessory for all seasons. Our Pleated Chiffon scarves for women are versatile and bursting with personality!

Wear this scarf with your favorite coats or dresses, super versatile goes with everything and can be style in many ways. A great accessory for casual and formal wear, party wear, or any other occasion. Our elegant scarf is available in a variety of colors to suit a diversity of wardrobes and fashion sensibilities.


  1. Exquisite scarfs that are supple and airy for a barely-there feel
  2. Our scarfs can be used as a throw on a formal dress, a head wrap or turban
  3. Made with 100% Chiffon, this Chiffon scarf is available in a wide range of colors
  4. Dimensions: 70" x 30"

Hand Wash in Cold Water OR Dry Clean Only

Perfect For:

  • Work
  • Resort vacations
  • Casual wear

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