Ceiling Fan Light Fixture with Arabic Calligraphy

$450.00 USD $499.00 USD

3 in 1
It's amazing to have a versatile fixture with three functions in your house – that acts as a ceiling fan, a chandelier, and a piece of decor. Everything is at once. 

Retractable blades
The interesting concept of retractable blades is aesthetically satisfying because it looks like a blooming flower when the blades start spinning. So, enjoy its animation.

Spin both counterclockwise and clockwise
It's also versatile when it comes to the dynamic temperature in your living area. So, set which direction the blades should spin, then feel the cozy air.

A lovely message in Arabic calligraphy
The beautiful Arabic calligraphy with a lovely message creates a cozy vibe in your house.

Remote control
Stay in your seat, relax, and just hit the remote control buttons to control the ceiling fan and the chandelier.

اللهم بارك هذا البيت
"God Bless This Home"  

• Colors : Silver, Gold
• Size
: 18” x 18”

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