Modern Wall Art

Feathery Dove Scarf


This Feathery Dove Chiffon Crinkle scarf is used for many occasions. Feathery Dove is Absolutely graceful & elegant when wrapped round your favorite outfit. This Scarf Have that Eye-Catching and 'Stand Out From The Crowd' Effect. Suitable for wedding ceremony, birthday party, evening party, any event or occasion!, Use it anytime, anywhere and enjoy being outdoors without worrying about the weather. Ideal gift for Mother's day, Holidays, Birthdays, Wedding, Fashion Gift, Christmas Gift. A beautiful accessory to make a perfect impression anytime and available in various colors. Texture is clear and fine. Very Delicate Scarf...Must be Handled with Care

Washing Instructions:

  • Dry-clean
  • Use gentle detergent, gentle washing
  • No scrub, no wring
  • Do not bleach
  • Flat dry in shade

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