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Amli Satin Scarf


The Amli Satin Scarf allows you to express both your fashion and faith. A runway fashion aesthetic collides with modest reserve, creating a one-of-a-kind Hijab scarf that's as distinctive as it is demure. You needn't sacrifice high fashion to honor your beliefs.

Our head wraps for women shake off traditionally homogeneous and uninspired head coverings with a bold design. It's a singular head wrap that frames any face beautifully.

An unexampled blend of crinkle chiffon and shimmering satin creates a fabric that looks and feels great, and will stay fixed around your head. Care of this garment is a breeze. Hand wash your scarf or put it into a gentle machine wash, then air-dry or let the gentle dryer cycle take care of it.

Order your Amli Satin Scarf today for a look less ordinary that lets you be true to yourself.

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