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As many of you may know, Modern Wall Art provides complimentary consultation to our clients in order for them to buy the perfect piece to enhance the beauty of their homes. However, we had the opportunity to work with a very unique client who built her home around our artwork. She bought our three of our pieces: the intricate and stunning Ayat Ul Kursi and the LED teardrop Allah and Mohammad set and built an ultra modern and elegant home which incorporated out artwork.
Jehan of Modern Era Design in Edmonton, Alberta had the pleasure to be part of this newly built  beautiful home from day one.  This single family home captivates upon entry with clean lines and crisp light colors and greeted with beautiful Islamic Art by Modern Wall art.
Modern Era Designs was founded in May 2013 by Jehan Hamdan while still attending the University of Alberta’s Residential Interiors Program.  Jehan’s latest projects have raised the standards for residential interiors in Edmonton and she has been awarded Best of Houzz badges in Design and Service two years in a row and counting.
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  1. Gerry Cratty says:

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