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Indian Americans step forward to help in COVID-19 crisis

By Zofeen Maqsood  Artist Syed Rehman’s online initiative to help poor and elderly inspiring people across America. Crises bring out the best and the worst of people. So has the Coronavirus epidemic that has put whole of America in a virtual lock down sending people in a mad rush to hoard essentials. As people fight over

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Eid Holiday and Ramadan Decor By Modern Wall

 By Kaya Gravitter on March 2, 2020 When I was Christian, the most memorable thing about the Christian holidays was decorating for them. It was always a beautiful Tradition to go and get a Christmas tree. We would go to the woods and pick the biggest tree we could find. (We have high sealings in my childhood home.)

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6 Books to Start off 2019

(Compiled and introduced by Iqra M Azhar) Salam folks! We KNOW that you probably didn’t get as much reading done during the holidays and the winter break like you may have wanted so we are here with an awesome list of reads with a bit of a review on each to help you make your

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Modern Era Design 1

Modern Era Design

As many of you may know, Modern Wall Art provides complimentary consultation to our clients in order for them to buy the perfect piece to enhance the beauty of their homes. However, we had the opportunity to work with a very unique client who built her home around our artwork. She bought our three of

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Dua Chandelier Project 2

DUA Chandelier Project

Although Modern Wall Art has historically been known to manufacture and sell high quality contemporary Islamic wall décor, we have recently ventured into the furniture market and have started production of exquisite center tables, beautiful chandeliers and intricate doors. In order to give life to our customers’ ideas, the staff at MWA works hard at

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